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Property Reviewed takes the guesswork out of finding a property.
With verified reviews from tenants about their property experience, we put you in the know before you're in the door.


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Our concept is simple. We believe property seekers need more information when choosing a house or apartment. Meanwhile, property owners and managers should be rewarded for keeping tenants happy.


That's why we've created an online platform that lets tenants share their property feedback.

Customer service to cleanliness, building maintenance to general upkeep - whether you're looking to lease or buy, we bring you the inside knowledge that lets you make an informed choice.

By replacing the 'unknowns' with unbiased property insights, we're making real estate more transparent - one review at a time.


More Power to You

They say knowledge is power. We couldn't agree more. Here's how PropertyReviewed empowers your property experience:

Leasees & Buyers

Real-world property insights from those in the know.

Read verified reviews, be informed, and choose a commercial property based on the experience of its tenants.

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Interact with agents and owners and find your next home quicker.

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Your opinion matters; we let you share it.

Leave a review about a property you're leasing or have leased, rate its features, and give property seekers the benefit of your experience.

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An Inside Look For Your Property Search

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